Phillip is a past principal of Hinds Blunden. He is a professional engineer with 45 years’ experience in project management and dispute resolution and a founding consultant in the company specialising in management of risk in engineering and building projects and resolution of engineering and building disputes. He provides advice to both Principal and Contractor organisations from the concept stage of projects to completion, as well as providing expert evidence in relation to project management, delay and costing matters.

He is considered to be one of the leading independent experts in the administration of contracts, evaluation of costs, delay and programming in engineering and building projects, has served on international arbitration cases and is briefed by the major construction law practices in Australia and overseas. Phillip has provided expert evidence on some 25 occasions.

Phillip also fulfils the role of facilitator, mediator and expert. These roles have proven to be successful in avoiding the formal dispute process by assisting and guiding the parties through the issues and seeking the common ground and solution. This function has also been undertaken in respect of major arbitrations to streamline the evidentiary process.