Forensic Analysis & Dispute Resolution

With expertise in project management, contract administration, programming and cost management, we provide independent advice and reports to support projects and clients in developing strategies to resolve and manage disputes when they arise.

Small Scale to Multi-Billion Dollar Projects

Hinds Blunden works closely with both the construction industry and legal sector to provide advice on disputes from small scale to multi-billion dollar projects. We provide in-depth forensic analysis on construction methodologies, programs, cost records and other contemporaneous records for negotiation and settlement of contentious issues or contractual claims, or for litigation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes.

Time Analysis

  • Delay Analysis
  • Disruption Analysis
  • Acceleration or Mitigation Strategies

Quantum Analysis

  • Delay Costs or Damages
  • Disruption and Loss of Productivity Costs
  • Acceleration Costs
  • Variation Costs
  • Project Costs

Strategic Project Management Issues

Peer reviews