Project Planning & Programming

Hinds Blunden is a market leader in providing programming services and advice to the construction and engineering industry on civil, building, engineering, complex infrastructure and energy projects.

Small & Large-scale Projects

With experience on both small and large-scale projects, ranging from less than $1M to over $1B in project value, Hinds Blunden has the experience and knowledge to assist contractors, superintendents and principals in all aspects of project planning and programming.

Our planning and programming services include:

  • Development of tender programs
  • Development and assessment of construction programs and recovery or accelerated programs
  • Application of resources and earned value measurement to programs
  • Development of project sequence, construction methodology and mitigation strategies
  • Risk analysis
  • Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) such as Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Program updates and statusing
  • Preparation of monthly project reports, independent monitoring and completion advice
  • Independent reviewing roles