Project Planning Programming & Scheduling

Eastern Plaza Redevelopment, Melbourne & Olympic Parks

Hinds Blunden is a market leader in providing programming and programming advice to the construction industry on civil, building, engineering and complex infrastructure projects. 

With experience on both small and large scale projects, ranging from $1M to over $1B in project value, Hinds Blunden has the experience and knowledge to assess and assist Contractor, Superintendent and Principal clients in all aspects of project programming.

Consultancy services include:

  • Preparation of tender programs
  • Development of construction program and recovery programs
  • Development of resourced and earned value applied programs
  • Development of project sequence and construction methodology
  • Risk analysis
  • Program review and analysis
  • Program update and statusing
  • Preparation of monthly project reports & independent monitoring and completion advice
  • As-built program development
  • Independent reviewing roles